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Fortunemount's PIR & PLC IP Cameras For Business

Fortunemount Securityoffers PLC & PIR IP Cameras, allowing you to view live, full movement feature from any place on the globe. Our IP Cameras can be utilized for inspection of both homes and organizations. With the capacity to record live feature to a remote area, our PLC and PIR camera range permits you to protect your recordings with complete lockdown features to protect from any intrusion. We are counted amongst the top ip camera suppliers in China, with the most number of exports to United States and European Regions. Most of Cayera’s PLC/PIR cameras come with built-in motion detection which helps in preventing any unauthorized movement within its range. It is considered to be a best option to use an alarm panel trigger camera instead of traditional alarm panels which can be disarmed to avoid any alerts to the users. Once the PLC/PIR camera triggers the alarm, the camera itself starts taking images and delivers to the main server.


Our Top Range of PLC IP Cameras

Simply plug and play IP cameras for home and office, Fortunemount offers light weight and solid build PLC IP cameras with powerline technology. These cameras are easier to use and install. These cams are handy and offer flexibility in installation and maintenance, built especially for home use where novice users can easily maintain the security system on their home. PLC IP Camera offers the luxury to maintain the whole security system with just a single tap on your smartphone, our PLC driven security cameras would not disappoint you at any level.


Our Extensive Range of PIR IP Cameras

Passive Infrared IP Cameras are for more securer and intensive locations especially built for business clients. These cameras use infrared emission to monitor certain movement within a specific region. These cams are heavily used by business entities that are more cautious about security of their premises. PIR IP Camera offers latest technology to safeguard your business from burglary and criminal activities. The PIR technology based IP Cameras from Cayera insure maximum safety and satisfaction from any kind of intrusion.

Cayera is the trademarkt of Fortunemount Security Company; we have been exporting our security products from China for 10 years. Most number of security products exports is typically associated with our company. PLC/PIR IP Cams are one of our specialty and we are offering these cameras with a great discount deal. Fortunemount is offering both the type of IP cameras within a reasonable price range and complete features, if you are a bulk buyer we can offer you an amazing discount deal.

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Established in 2005 , Fortunemount is a leading IP video product and solution provider integrating R&D, manufacture and sales.

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