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Genuine Biometric Attendance & Face Recognition System Supplier

Fortunemount International Ltd. is the secure face recognition system supplier; supplying advanced and secure biometric attendance systems believes in providing security beyond limits. Fortunemount encourages its valuable customers to ensure optimum level security through the inclusion of modern security equipment such as face recognition system & biometrics face recognition devices. Modern Era being known as the era of global security, in reality, is highly vulnerable to Threats which includes both internal & external threats. Residential & Commercial sectors are now majorly focusing on enhancement of their current security systems to ensure minimization of risks surrounding their residential & commercial places. Modern Security equipment provides optimum grip over the security of any particular location either it is a residential or a commercial area. Individuals & organizations normally lack modern security equipment which is why they end up facing catastrophic results.


Product Specification

Face Recognition System being known as one of the finest technology to fulfill all your biometric security means. We have wide range of products related to security products such as Business Video Surveillance, Home Video Security, Intruder Alarm Systems, and Access Control. These systems provide the feasibility of human face detection which regarding security proves most vital. Our Face Recognition System operates through a digital video camera that stores authorized persons face image & grants access after carefully analyzing each & every characteristic of an individual's face & comparing it with its stored data. The characteristics include major parts of your overall face structure such as lips, nose, eyes, nose & forehead. Fortunemount Biometric Face Recognition system operates by storing templates of each authorized individual in its database & uses it with accuracy to either grant of revoke access. Our designed Biometric systems are well known due to its reliability, durability & cost efficiency.


Compatibility with Other Devices

Fortunemount face recognition system supplier also deals in a broad range of Biometric systems such as Biometric Attendance System & Biometric Face Recognition system. These systems are equipped with the feasibility of customization meaning that our Biometric Systems can easily be connected with any other security device thus providing ensuring safety. Applications that are most commonly used with Fortunemount biometrics face recognition systems are listed below:


Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Systems were very famous in the past. Traditional Visitor Management Systems used to run on a simple paper sheet & pens which concerning security was highly vulnerable to threats. Through the passage of time VMS evolved & now we have biometrics face recognition system based VMS’s that provides an optimum level of security for denying access to unauthorized personnel. It ensures identification of each personnel's entry into the guarded premises through face detection.  Apart from face detection system is capable enough to generate unique ID’s for each authorized personnel alongside printing of ID based Identity Cards.


Access Control System (ACS)

Maintaining security measures focus primarily on access control systems which serve the purpose of securing company premises from intruders. ACS these days are mostly equipped with Biometric Face Recognition Systems which provides feasibility of both fingerprint & face detection thus resulting in enhanced security.


Time Attendance System or HRMS system

Companies that still rely on Card based Attendance systems and face recognition system are highly vulnerable to both internal & external threats. Anyone with the card can enter the premises without even being detected whereas employees can cheat in their timings by allowing others to maintain their attendance. Organizations with such Attendance Systems end up having manipulated or inaccurate data. Biometric attendance system plays a vital role in such conditions. Biometric attendance system and face recognition system ensures accurate & reliable data alongside security.

Each employee has to go through a particular process to obtain a unique employee ID. Biometric attendance system after storing all vital information keeps track of each employees entering/leaving time which is recorded through either fingerprint or face recognition. It maintains the overall employee data with accuracy like no other which helps in calculating an accurate payroll of each employee.


Why Fortunemount?

Fortunemount face recognition system supplier is associated with some significant number of internationally based commercial sectors including Schools, Factories, and Businesses. Our highly experienced staff is available 24/7 to attend all your queries and problems. We are the Pioneers when it comes to manufacturing of Security Equipment. We only supply the best products in the business for your security, so what are you waiting for? Check out our products below and get in touch with us. We manufacture and supply each of their products with great care and deliver them with a smile.

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Established in 2005 , Fortunemount is a leading IP video product and solution provider integrating R&D, manufacture and sales.

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