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Cayera's GSM Alarm System - Security Guaranteed!

GSM alarm system is the latest technology device used in home security systems. The only type of wireless security monitoring systems integrated with an intelligent mobile application to autodial the calls and messages in case of burglary and intrusion. The mobile phone technology utilized in GSM alarm system activates the autodial alarm and support wireless alarm siren even in case of power failure. The intelligent GSM alarm systems can recognize fluctuation of temperature triggered by the human body and activate high decibel buzzer after slight detection of motion.
Cayera has been producing state of the art home security solutions for customers with higher security requirements. Our wireless GSM alarm systems are designed with modern security features like the rechargeable backup battery to support wireless system during the power failure. The GSM alarm system is built-in with a high-frequency buzzer to alert homeowners at the time of illegal intrusion. The system allows the customers to set the area of infrared motion detector from 8-12 meters with the efficacy to select the level of sensitivity of the motion detectors. The intelligent system is automatically programmed to report the primary unit in case of damage, tamper or during low-power of the system. Cayera’s GSM alarm system offers three smart-working modes.

  • Testing mode to check the proper functionality of the system.
  • Standard mode to arm and disarm the sensors.
  • Power-saving mode to operate and indicate the system during low power.

Moreover, our GSM alarm systems are compatible with external DC power source for standby current in power failure situations. The intelligent computer programmed features make our GSM alarm systems help you remotely control the security of your premises within your requirements.
Our GSM alarm systems support dual network PSTN network GSM mobile network with intelligent options to pre-set telephone numbers to send a direct call or text message in case of illegal invasion. Moreover, our advanced security systems offer the feasibility to reset functions for extra reliability and comfort according to your custom requirements.

Cayera’s GSM alarm systems can be automatically and manually installed as we offer a proper instruction manual to set the security functions without the assistance of a professional. Now you no need to pay a security company or IT professional to install our GSM alarm system. Our High-quality GSM alarm systems are compatible, reliable and flexible home security solutions to protect your privacy. Innovative features and stylish design make our security systems the primary choice for customers with higher security requirements.

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