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Everybody wants their homes free from any intrusion but when we consider about the home security, it is not any task to an easy task because you cannot be everywhere to watch everything. This is the reason that home security systems are becoming popular nowadays because you can watch everything from the cameras installed around your home and property. With the integration of internet to the cameras, now you can watch the footage anywhere on your smart phone or laptop.  

When it comes to selection of the cameras, you can either choose wired or wireless cameras. Wired cameras are in the market for many years and reliable when it comes to recording the footage. On the other hand, wireless cameras are relatively new phenomenon and are connected via Wi-Fi or other wireless transmitters.

Whether you choose wired or wireless cameras, both types of cameras require electricity to operate. Other cameras have also option to be operated from batteries but eventually they run out of the battery and have to be recharged. So this does not make it a top choice.

If you are serious regarding your home security, you can use sophisticated smart home security system which might be little but expensive but it will give you peace of mind that your property is safe. Before you decide to purchase video cameras, there are a few important points to consider which are as under:

  • The number of cameras to be installed.
  • The location where cameras are to be installed.
  • Electricity to run these cameras.

We offer video security cameras which use wireless IP-based system for surveillance. These cameras use technology to record the videos and store it on the connected storage devices just like normal DVRs do. Our cameras designed to record videos at higher resolution and this is the reason we are a top choice for the customers.

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