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Depending on product design, component selection, production procedure and batch volume, we aim to draw together a testing strategy that increases production yields, reduces manufacturing costs, and delivers the highest product quality. Below are some highlights of our total testing capabilities:

- Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

In ensuring theaccuracy of placement and soldering, AOI is a powerful tool both for continuousprocess monitoring and to filter out defects for repair.

- In-circuit test (ICT)

For volumeproduction, Sparqtrons's ICT and ATE capabilities enable efficient testing fora wide range of assembly and component defects, with an ability for more than5000 testing points and a maximum of 73cm in board width.

- Flying probe

Our flying probetesting capability gives you the flexibility to give prototypes and smallvolume builds full testing coverage, without creating expensive customfixtures.

- X-ray inspection (3D& 2D)

For BGA, QFN andthrough-hole components, our X-ray inspection provides the visual verificationagainst voids, shorts, insufficient fill.

- Function test

Every productneeds a different approach to the function test, because every product performsa different function. Our competent engineering team creates efficient customtesting systems in-house, perfectly suited to your exact product.

- Burn-in test

Our burn-intesting provides the verifications you need that your products will perform,survive and last in real-life environments.

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